Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Here's To The Good Ones

There are just two weeks - TWO! - left of our summer vacation. How did this happen? It seems that every year, the summers go by faster and faster. I was reminded recently that I hadn't posted a new blog since May. That's not to say that I haven't written. Far from it. I've written one short story, two magazine pitches, and a slew of marketing proposals in that time. I've also written about a thousand text messages (and yes, these count - of course - when you are super anal about using the Queen's English regardless of the medium).

Really though, I'd like to think that I've just been living. Enjoying these last weeks of summer with my family and friends.

Speaking of friends, I just spent the better part of a weekend at our lake house at Innsbrook with a very dear friend from high school (and her darling husband). She remembers more of those four years than I do... I'll admit that while I was in high school I worked very hard at trying to get out. I think I was trying so hard to grow up, to be an adult, that I missed out on being a kid.

I dated guys who had already graduated, I worked with college kids, and hung out with my older brother's friends the majority of the time. Which means I missed some important milestones - like my senior prom - simply because I thought they were childish. Which sounds absolutely foolish now, but nevertheless - it was true enough at the time.

I can remember at nineteen, my boyfriend telling his best friend (who was ten years older than me and married with two kids) that I was great, specifically because "She doesn't act her age... She's very mature." As though acting my age would have been a crime. Honestly, I was 19. I believe I was expected to act 19. The teen years are meant to be a bit selfish. A time of self-discovery.  Ah, but I skipped all of that (which is precisely why I went through it - finally - in my early thirties).

But I digress.

Lisa was a dear friend to me back then. We had some good times, lots of laughs. We reconnected during our 20th reunion, and then again about a month ago at dinner with another dear friend from "back in the day." And decided that a weekend on the lake would be a blast.

The weather was uncharacteristically cool and we spent the afternoon on the boat (out of the water) fishing, talking... just catching up.  A few drinks and appetizers later we headed down to the field for a country music concert under the stars, followed by more drinks around a bonfire. It was one of those weekends I'll remember, not just because of the beautiful weather or the great food, but because I realized that this person I met way back when, our Freshman year of high school, whom I liked immediately, is still someone I like immensely as an adult.  She has the same characteristics that have always made her special: genuine kindness, a great sense of humor and an easy going personality.

So, while I haven't been doing a lot of blogging, I have been doing a lot of living, laughing, relaxing and enjoying my time. It's precious, I know, because it does not last forever. Unlike friendship. The good ones, I've found, last a lifetime.