Monday, September 5, 2011

Something's In the Air

I'm looking forward to this week of autumn-like weather.  "I can feel it coming in the air tonight..." sang Phil Collins.  I can feel it, too.  The winds are picking up, the leaves will be changing soon, school is in full swing.  And the ideas in my head are coming faster than I can write each one down.  I can feel it.  Can you?  There is excitement in the cool breeze.  Open windows, clear days, cool nights.  Soon the leaves will be changing to crisp orange, fiery red, and brilliant yellow.  Shorts will make way for jeans, cozy boots will replace flip flops and cardigans and hoodies will be pulled out from the back of the closet.  I am looking forward to the changes.  Inside and out. The great Sam Cooke's soulful "A change is Gonna Come" is playing in my mind.  I wonder what's in store for me and mine in the coming months.  What's in store for you?

1 comment:

  1. Have to admit, it is a bittersweet time, loving the weather, hanging on to summer dreamin'. Did you get an email from Lynn?