Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Stand aside, I've got this." OR "Wait, what's a 7/10 split again?"

I'm not a bowler.  Nor do I play one on tv.

But, seriously, how hard can it be?  You've got a wooden lane at the end of which, in orderly fashion, stand 10 pins.  You take one, shiny ball the size of a 4th grade classroom globe, and throw it (under hand, mind you) down said lane, with the intent of knocking down the aforementioned pins.

Easy enough.

Yeah, right.  This is not a game to be taken lightly.  This is serious business.  10 frames is all you get.  At best, 2 chances per frame to get those godforsaken pins to fall, domino like, one into the next, so as not to leave a single pin standing.

I am competitive by nature.  I don't particularly like to lose.  Who does?  It feels good to win, or to at least be seen putting up a pretty good fight.  Last night, on the lanes, I did not appear to put up much of a fight at all.  Although, after three games, some sort of blind luck kicked in (or maybe it was just the bowling gods feeling sorry for me).  I actually broke 100...and won (by a mere 3 points, but still...).

But I digress.  I may not be a great bowler, but I did have a great time.  Despite the 3-1 loss.

When the weather turns, I'll be hitting the links, and hoping that I fair better on the fareway than on the lanes.

Stay tuned come April...


  1. I am an equal opportunity sucker. I suck at EVERY sport.

  2. Oh heah, me too! Once I was asked to be a handicap and thought it an honor.

  3. Impressive! I once won a bowling prize. It was a booby prize. Honestly. I was so traumatized that I don't think I've bowled since.

  4. Okay girls, ahem, I was in a bowling league once upon a time and ended up with a trophy - a real one - for the the Woman with the Highest Score. Really. Then when I was married to husband #3, he burned the trophy in a fire along with all my other trophies. Yeah, I had a few in softball. I recently went bowling (crazy bowling for a fundraiser) and I really stunk... long are the high scores in bowling!

  5. I'm with the majority here, but LYNN! Holy crap! I look forward to reading about the pyro-jack ass who did that. Wow.