Friday, March 16, 2012

Sorry, Trees...

My dad's been a fan of the Kindle since the first one came out several years ago.  He passed the first one down to me when he upgraded to the new version.  I wasn't too thrilled about this new form of reading, but I didn't want to be like my mom standing in the grocery line with her checkbook out - the lone consumer under 80 who does not carry a debit card.  She doesn't trust them.  Dear Lord.

But I digress, I took the e-reader for a test drive.  The book was called  "The Shadow of the Wind," written by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.  Fantastic book.  Great writer.  In hindsight, it probably helped the e-reader's case. When I finished the book, I promptly drove to the book store and bought a paperback copy for my bookshelves (all my favorites have a home there).   And herein lies the problem (at least for me).  I just like the feel of a book.  The smell of the pages.  I read with pencil in hand, underlining well-crafted passages, scribbling notes in the margin.  I realize that the latest e-readers will allow me to do the same thing, electronically.  I do.  It's just not the same.

Don't get the wrong idea, I'm pretty tech-savvy.  I'm also socially driven.  I manage two blogs, two twitter accounts, two Pinterest accounts and a Facebook page.  I'm not inept with technology (unless you put a pc in front of me...I may burst into tears).

My point (and I do have one) is that some things are sacred.  And for me, one of those is books.  In their natural form - paper (sorry, trees).

Nevertheless, Chicken Soup for the Soul contacted me yesterday.  They are running a promotion on 12 of their books:  offering the Kindle version for just $4.99.  Three of these happen to be books in which I am published.  So, if you're interested in any of these titles (caution: blatant self-promotion around this curve...) you can click the title to purchase at (or any other e-book retailer).

CS: Think Positive

An excerpt from my story ("A Positive Step"):  "I don’t want her to go,” I whispered conspiratorially to my brother.  At fourteen, he was three years older and, from my 11 year-old perspective, much braver than me.  Not only did I look up to him, but I trusted him to stand up for me, and to speak for me when I was too afraid.  And he did.

CS: My Dog's Life

An excerpt from my story ("A Healing Friendship"):  We are in a tiny exam room at the vet and Jack has flown into a tantrum so wild, even the animals are shocked into silence.  The veterinarian, Dr. V., had just asked to keep Biscuit overnight for observation.  At six, Jack had already been through the loss of two beloved dogs, and he wasn’t about to let anyone take another. So the minute the assistant reached for her, Jack unhooked Biscuit’s leash, and unleashed his temper, kicking, biting and demanding they let her go, tears streaming down his bright red cheeks.

CS: Shaping the New You

An excerpt from my story ("Taking Care of Me"):  The first time I stepped through the doors of a health club, I was thirteen.  I was tagging along with my best friend, after I’d spent the night at her house.  She had joined a local gym with her mom as a New Year’s resolution to lose a few pounds.  I distinctly remember an oval-shaped room, with a track running around the outside, and weight machines scattered throughout.  Tracy headed for the track.  I plopped down ceremoniously in the carpeted area in the middle of the track, laid down, and proceeded to go back to sleep.

Despite my preference for paper books, I'm going to purchase the e-book edition of each of these.  Then again, I'm partial.  Maybe the more familiarity I have, the more comfortable I'll become with this format.  And who knows, maybe my mom will get herself a debit card...

Tell me:  In which format do you prefer to read?


  1. I go to your blog and open your recent post. It's about me, your mother, who has given so much wisdom to you over the years, not to mention fashion sense and your love of printed books. But wait...I digress! It's about me, yes, but I'm an old lady who won't use a debit card and holds up the checkout lane! Nice. PS Who's taking care of your kids next week? PPS Never forget the mother's curse:)

  2. Whoa! I don't know if I'm brave enough to leave a comment right behind your mom's. Moms have MMM--Major Mama Mojo...

    I like both. My favorites, I have on my shelves as well. However, when I travel, or go to the doctor's office, etc. I love the portability of an ebook reader.

  3. I can relate to your mom. I might end up to be the lone consumer under 80 who doesn't own a Kindle. And I have a debit card, but I hold up the line recording the it amounts to the same thing.

  4. Your mama and my kids' mama are on the same page :)

  5. I like the paper books. My husband gave me a Kindle (he had to buy it for a photo shoot, so I got the goods) but it sat there for the longest time - until someone offered something free - HA - that's all I have on the Kindle is free e-stuff. Now, if I were published in the books, I'd do the same as you and download and PAY for them in the Kindle, but I'd always want the paper form.