Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Letter to my Children

Dear Connor, Jack & Ella,
I promise to give everything I have to each one of you. I promise to walk ahead of you, creating the most calm, nurturing path to adulthood that I possibly can, so that you have a strong foundation on which to build your very individual lives. I promise to walk beside you, holding your hand for as long as you’ll let me, to be there always. And I promise to stand behind you, to catch you if ever you start to fall.
I will fight to instill in each of you strong morals, integrity and compassion. I will work twice as hard to prove that honesty is always the best policy. That family is the most important thing. That sentimental value is worth so much more than monetary value. That even when bad things happen – and they will – that it is the way we handle those situations that builds true character, and over time, shows our true selves.
I will teach you through my actions, much more so than my words, that taking care of yourselves and one another is vital to your own health and peace of mind. And that building relationships based on mutual respect, trust and love - while hard work - is worth every moment and will see you through even the worst of times.
I will show you through my actions that kindness, compassion and understanding fosters love and acceptance, while violence and anger can only grow more of the same.
I will love and respect each of you always. For you are each such beautiful people, inside and out. Watching you grow is the most incredible of joys. I am honored to be your mom.


  1. Oh, Beth, you made me cry! Beautiful.

  2. Thanks Linda. I wrote this during a very tough day emotionally. It felt good to take all that negative energy and turn it into something more important and positive.

  3. You are a wonderful mom. This was just beautiful. I am so proud of the woman you are:)

  4. Beautiful tribute to your kids, Beth. They don't even realize how they become our teachers over time. They make us aspire to do better, keep us honest, and broke, ha! Some of the very best friends I have in the world are a result of sitting on the bleachers next to very fine folks I'd have never met if it weren't for my kids. They have no idea the doors they open for us. And what's really funny, they have no idea the capacity for love and pain they show us we possess. It gets better and better from where I sit, being the parent of mostly grown up kids now. Check out my post, Dreamers, We.


    You're already doing a terrific job, your good work will come back to you in spades.
    Keep writing!