Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, 1997 - May 18, 2010

I am lucky enough to have a few very dear friends and a handful of incredibly supportive, family members. Today, I am thinking about one of them in particular. He is kind and generous. He is quiet and thoughtful. He has a wicked good sense of humor, great taste in books, and a talent he doesn’t yet realize with the written word. He is blessed with a great amount of patience that serves him well in life – and on the golf course.

He is my son.

Happy Birthday, Connor! Thirteen years ago today, I became a mom for the first time. As the first born, Connor has had to grow up with a mom who didn’t quite know what she was doing. I held him a little closer, rocked him a little longer, expected more, questioned everything, and made what I am sure were a great many mistakes. But Connor has exceeded every expectation I ever had in a son. And has given me more joy, more love, more happiness than I ever dreamed possible. Watching him grow from a quiet, timid child into a thoughtful, kind, generous young man has been nothing short of amazing.

Where has the time gone?! I’m looking forward to watching you mature as a teenager. You’ll make mistakes along the way. But it isn’t the mistakes that will shape you, but what you learn from them, that makes all the difference. Once again, your brother and sister have the advantage (or disadvantage?) of watching you go through these years first. So, we’ll learn together. I think we’ve done okay so far…


  1. I remember the night we waited in the visitors' lounge at St. Luke's. I was worried about you because of your extremely low (and I mean extremely!) pain tolerance and I couldn't believe that I would soon be a grandma. I had a hard time sitting quietly trying to read, gave up and began calling your brother on the new cell phone that I couldn't work very well (I got the same guy twice and, at that hour, he wasn't pleased).

    I will never forget the moment I saw you as a new mom with that baby in your arms. And I will never forget taking that little one in my own arms. I get the same feeling now when he comes up to me and gives me a big hug.

    Thank you for Connor, Jack and Ella. What wonderful gifts they are!

  2. Linda, what a compliment (or are you PMSing, too?), thank you!
    Mom - I like hearing your perspective of that night. Can't believe he's a teenager - but how lucky am I that he is such a terrific kid!