Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thanks (again) St. Anthony

A typical weekday morning, this: running around my house in the half-light of morning, hair wet, robe haphazardly tied. I shake large lumps snoring under blankets. Grumbling figures wake, shower, dress and prepare for their school days.

I am finally dressed, fingers tapping the counter as I wait for my coffee to brew. Just the scent is enough to get me going.

Miraculously, we are headed out the door at 7:30 on the nose, when my son says, "Mom, where are your keys?"
"On the stairs?" I reply, hoping they are where I normally leave them.
"Uh...Nope. Not here."

So begins another search for car keys - I swear this is a ritual that takes place at least twice a week in my house. Yesterday, Jack realized he'd left his tennis shoes at his dad's. We had to drive over to get them, and when we finally made it to school, he realized he'd left his back pack at home. At least he comes by it honestly.

So, I am standing in my kitchen, hand on hips, travel mug of hot coffee in other hand, twirling around, and praying. "Okay, St. Anthony. You know the drill, I really need those car keys. I'd like to be on time at least ONCE this week!" I walk down the hall, and see that my oldest son left his bedroom light on. Grumbling about electric bills (Lord, do I sound like my mother!), I march down the hall, high heels click-clacking, and flip the switch. I walk past my office towards the front hall, and turn in. And see my laptop sitting on my desk. Good Lord - I almost left my laptop at home today! Jack and I sure do make a pair, I think to myself. I shut the laptop, slide it into its case, turn around...and there are my car keys.

If I'd grabbed the spare keys and left the house, if Connor had remembered to turn off his light, I'd have certainly left my laptop at home. Everything happens for a reason. Really. Sound familiar? What was your most recent experience that brought you to this realization?


  1. So typical of the busy workd in whic we all live. HI!

  2. I can't remember complaining about electric bills, but I can't remember much these days anyway! BTW, I sound like my mom too:)