Wednesday, November 3, 2010

8 Weeks and Counting

I just heard that there are only 8 weeks until Christmas. I panicked. I need to start shopping! I need to start planning! I need to cook, clean, make lists, send Christmas cards, buy, wrap…!

For me, the first purchase is always the hardest. Once I’ve “cut the ribbon” on gift purchasing, it’s all down hill. So, in the spirit of ribbon-cutting, I bought two gifts the other night.

Truth be told, I don’t feel any better.

In an effort to keep myself grounded, and on task for the next 8 weeks – no, wait, 7.3 weeks now (damn, it’s already closer…) I’ve decided to chronicle my preparations here. Should be eventful. I can promise you a laugh or two, and some holiday stress. Maybe it will help propel me forward. I hope that it keeps you sane, and motivates you to tackle one thing at a time, and along the way, I’ll try to remind us both that there is a REASON for this holiday that is far more important than gifts, food, decorations and parties. I’m going to center myself to this reality right now.

Happy shopping!

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