Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

I got so much accomplished today! I did have to work, but had the pleasure of working from my home office. So nice and quiet. Wrote up a few documents, made some notes, double checked my calendar for afternoon appointments, set up a third conference call, and then decided to run to a store or two…

I haven’t shopped on Black Friday in years, but I have to admit, this wasn’t bad at all. No trouble parking at the first store, and found two gifts for each of my three kids, and only two people ahead of me in line! Then, realized I had an email for said store that offered not one, but TWO of my chosen items at 40% off!

Tried my hand at the toy store, but declared it a zoo upon arrival…there were so many KIDS! What are these parents thinking! I should be nicer – maybe there were no babysitters available…or no budget for babysitters…but still, those poor kids were miserable. They were tired, hungry, bored, over exited, over stimulated…it made for many a breakdown in the aisles, I’m sure. One look at that mess, and I was out the door!

I decided one good store experience was enough for one day, headed home to meet the cable guy (who was right on time!), ordered four more gifts online (two of which were on sale, all of which offered free shipping), got myself through three back-to-back conference calls, and called it a day.

Maybe Black Friday isn’t so bad, after all. I think I’ll go put up the tree…

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