Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas = Love

An old highschool friend posted something the other day on Facebook. It touched me.

Actually, she’s not an “old friend” although I do know her from highschool. We weren’t really friends, in fact we barely knew each other. Which isn’t saying much, because at that time in my life, I barely knew myself. But, as time does, we both became the people we were meant to be (I suppose I can’t speak for her. As a matter of fact, I see the same girl in her that I saw those 20 some odd years ago), and now I see her through a grown woman’s eyes. And I like what I see.

But I digress…she posted a video on Facebook of a young woman and her father singing and playing piano, respectively. They had written a Christmas Song entitled “Where’s the line for Jesus?” It’s a very touching song about all the children waiting in line to see Santa. But if Christmas is the day of Jesus’ birth, then, where, the little boy wonders aloud in the video, is the line to see the birthday boy? Isn’t it He whom we should be lining up to see?

I feel frustrated in the weeks leading up to Christmas when I see the stores putting up all the Christmas trees, jolly Santa Claus decorations, twinkling lights, etc. And the throngs of people who celebrate the holiday, yet have no religious ties to the season. How dare they, I think. They don’t even care about the real reason for all of these decorations.

But something occurred to me this morning…All these people are excited. They are buying gifts for loved one, looking forward to seeing the surprise and (hopefully) delight in the eyes of the receivers. They are preparing food, making Christmas cookies with their children and extended families. They are decorating their homes together, spending time together as a family. And on Christmas day, whether they believe that it’s the day of our Lord’s birth or not, they will come together, sharing gifts, enjoying each other’s company. They will be reminded, for a short time at least, the joy in giving, the joy in sharing. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll feel grateful, and thankful, for the family and friends in their lives.

The reason for this season can be culled down to one word: Love.

Looks like God might know what he’s doing after all.


  1. You've got it! Love is the answer. It is amazing to watch the change in people as Christmas approaches. Even the grumpiest among us seem to smile (maybe Scrooge wasn't just a story after all). People all over the world stop for that one day and, in whatever tradition, give thanks and praise. I think God does know what She is doing:)

  2. Keeping it all in persepctive makes it easier to understand. We all suffer or celebrate in our own ways. I like the thought that angels are closest to earth in Decemeber, don't you?