Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Dear Dr. Seuss,

I have enjoyed your stories small

I have enjoyed your stories tall

I’ve read your rhymes in the store

I’ve read your rhymes on the floor

That mischievous Cat in a Hat so tall

Was, perhaps, the most famous story of all

Hop on Pop was a wonderful rhyme

I could read it any old time

Put Me In The Zoo was a favorite book.

Those colorful polka-dots was all it took

I do like Green Eggs and Ham

I do like them, Sam I Am!

Left foot, Left foot, Right Foot Right

Read to my toddlers on many a night

We practiced the sounds of Mr. Brown, too

And learned onomatopoeia while we’d “Moo”

Oh, The Places We’ve Gone reading you

Have a Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!


  1. I have read to children large and small.
    I have read his stories to any and all.

    Dr. Seus has lessons many,
    Sounds like you have learned them plenty.

    (Ok...maybe poetry isn't my forte, but I love, love, love Dr. Seus.)

  2. Love it!
    Hope you enjoyed some Green Eggs & Ham yesterday!