Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's About Time

God doesn't give you the people you want, He gives you the people you need...

to help you,

to hurt you,

to leave you,

to love you,

and to make you into the person you were meant to be.

I love this quote. It has a great deal of meaning for me, as I've certainly been helped, hurt, left, and loved in my 38 years. I also should admit that I've done some helping, hurting, leaving and loving of my own. Who among us can say we haven't, somewhere along the way?

The idea that it's all part of God's plan is comforting, I think. There are a handful of people who've come into my life for a shorter period than I'd have liked (and a few who've outstayed their welcome!) but knowing that each of them helped me get to where I am now is a good feeling. Hopefully they know that, too.

I've been quiet here lately. And each time I sit down to contemplate a new post, I realize that I am still too close to the situation, making it very difficult to put my emotions into words. I do realize, though, that true, raw emotion is where the money is for writers...I'm working on it.

But, I digress. If someone has come into your life for a very short time, but made a huge impact, I'd love to hear about it.

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