Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Am So Proud

My son's high school held a "Mother Son Mass and Brunch" today.  During mass, the priest spoke about how the first two commandments are God's greatest commandments to us.  The first being to "love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul," and the second being to "love your neighbor as yourself."  It's hard to imagine a love so deep, so powerful, so unconditional.

Not for moms.  We know the power of that love from the moment our children are born, and in many cases from the moment we know we are carrying our child.

The priest spoke then about how at the very core of this love is letting go.  From the moment we become parents we are faced with having to let go.  Day by day, little by little, as they grow into independent, capable adults.  If you are a parent, regardless of whether you're religious, spiritual or neither of these, you can probably agree with this.  The letting go is the hardest, most painful part of love.  But it's also the most important.

I can apply this to more than just my kids.  Maybe you can, too.  Letting go, in many forms is painful.  But when done with love, it's the greatest gift of all.  But I digress...

Later, we all had brunch together.  Four of the seniors each gave a short speech on why their moms mean so much to them.  It was very touching.  There were hundreds of boys in attendance with their moms.  And each one, from the seniors down to the youngest freshmen were polite, kind, and gracious.  I am so very glad that I am able to provide this education for my son.  More than just academics, he's part of a brotherhood that leads by example, with respect.  I am so proud of the young man he is, the considerate, intelligent, respectful man he is becoming right before my eyes.

On another note, I met with my second son, Jack's, teachers on Friday.  They told me how incredible my son is with an autistic boy in his classroom.  On more than one occasion, Jack has picked up his tray at lunch to go sit with this boy when he was alone at a table.  He offers a kind word and help with school work.  With no prompting, Jack has become this boy's unspoken protector.  I am so very proud.  

My daughter is learning to read.  Everywhere we go, she calls out to me, "mama, what does (insert letters here) spell?"  She's beginning to recognize simple words, and is both surprised and proud when she recognizes a word ("Hey, that spells STOP!").  I am so proud.

I write this with all three of my kids tucked into their respective beds.  And I feel truly blessed.  Blessed to have them all home, safe and sound.  Blessed to have three kids whom I truly like as people.  Each so different, all so incredible.



  1. Spoken from the heart of a wonderful mother. Your children are to be proud of! You ARE blessed.

  2. Just wait, Beth. When your kids start leaving--off to college, off to their own lives that are REALLY their own--you will become breathless and stunned over the adults they have become.

    (And when people moan and complain about "the kids of today," be bold. Mention some stories about your kids' friends, as well as your kids, to counter all the negative stuff.)

  3. Nothing like a few tears over coffee to start my day on the right foot! I loved it Beth.

  4. You are rightfully proud of my beautiful, gifted grandchildren as I am rightfully proud of my talented, beautiful, loving daughter:)

  5. Thanks Linda! Oh, Sioux...I have a feeling it's going to come faster than I'd like! And yes, I will speak boldly (maybe not as boldly as we speak on Wednesday nights, but I digress...)
    Thanks Maren! Miss you - can't wait to see you in December!
    And thanks least now I can say that I truly "get it" ; )

  6. Beautiful post...and timely, too, since my daughter's fall break ended today and I was just feeling sad that she's gone back to college. But it's all so true. Congratulations on those accomplishments; you have a right to be proud.

  7. Ahhh, I know the feeling. What a beautiful post.