Monday, October 31, 2011

These are a few of my scariest things - OR - "Ma'am those calls are coming from inside the house."

Happy Halloween! I enjoy this day, through the eyes of my kids.  Dressing up, carving pumpkins, mug of hot cocoa (with a splash of peppermint schnapps) to keep me warm as I stroll the neighborhood with my trick-or-treaters.  But, I'll admit.  I'm not much for the truly scary stuff.  Here are a few things that have scared me so terribly that I'll never read or watch them again.  In fact, typing them here is giving me a chill...

Stephen King’s “Salem’s Lot” (the book). 
Amityville Horror (“get out – get out!”) 
Silence of the Lambs 
The Shining ("Heeeeeere’s Johnny!”)
The Exorcist (truly terrifying)

Those are the ones that had me hiding under covers, looking over my shoulder, and sleeping with the lights on.

But, I'll be honest.  In my daily life, what scares me more is not doing everything well.  Raising my kids, my career, my writing... I am a fairly confident person, but there are times when I question my own capabilities.

What makes me think I know what I'm doing?  Am I just fooling everyone? Do I really know how to (fill in the blank) better than someone else?  Do I really think I can raise these kids and pay these bills, and write these articles, and present to these clients, and manage these national projects, and handle this volunteer project?

It's daunting.  Overwhelming even.  I am my own worst critic.  But maybe, what's scarier still is letting that fear - that worry, that little voice inside my head - get in the way of my own success.

Remember that movie where the girl calls the phone company to trace the "crank" calls she's been getting, and the phone company tells her "Ma'am the calls are coming from inside the house."  UGH.  That's me.  The fear and doubt are coming from inside my own head.  Enough already.  I'm disconnecting the line.

But I digress, have a safe and Happy Halloween!  And may all that scares you today (and every day) be Hollywood movies and Stephen King titles.

By the way, what's your scariest movie and/or book?  And what scares you most?


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    Blogger Mom said...

    I read "The Exorcist" in the hospital after giving birth to you...the nurses were scared for me! What does that say about you...hum. I will never, ever, ever read "Salem's Lot" again...that's a definite promise!

    My biggest fear was always not having enough money to raise you and your brother, pay my bills, save for a "rainy day", and so on, and so on. I was terrified when I retired. I had no pension and, in reality, very little saved for "the best time in your life". Those fears have flown, I'm pleased to report. After cutting my spending on everything, I realized that I can do very well, thank you. I have "enough". I am truly happy every day. I am doing what I love (teaching at universities and supervising student teachers) and I get to be with my children and grandchildren so much more. That's what life is about. My fear now is that my children will have to take care of me when I get old (no....I'm not there yet!), but, I know I'll be okay on that front also because your middle son has kindly offered me the top bunk in his I just have to get up there:)

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  2. See mom? All those "terrible teen years" you profess I went through...that was just your vivid imagination...I think you were superimposing the contents of that hideous book on your second born. Nice.

    And if you do decide to bunk with Jack...beware the pop-tart crumbs. Just Sayin'...

  3. Love your post. Self-doubt is destructive. Listen to your mother! Happy Halloween(ie).

  4. I'm sure you're having fun with your kiddos now on this Halloween night - looking at all the goodies. I think the Exorcist scared me when I first saw it as a teen (remember, I'm older than you). I'm a Stephen King fan, but never read Salem's Lot and I think I'll probably skip that one! Oh, and keep that line disconnected, you're doing great!

  5. Stephen King's son--Joe Hill--wrote a book called "Heart Shaped Box" which is a wild ride from almost the beginning to the very end.

    "Rosemary's Baby."

    "The Omen." Often, it's the music that makes it scary. If you turn off the sound, the sight of a dog standing in a field is not terribly terrifying...

  6. Thanks Linda...hope yours was frightfully fun : )
    Lynn...No reason to read Salem's Lot, other than to scare the crap out of yourself. I'm a fan of King, too...but mostly his "old" stuff.
    Sioux...I'll have to check out that book...and I've never seen either of the other two you mention. But, I'm not upset...I'll take a romantic comedy over horror any day!