Thursday, January 24, 2013

Embraceable You

Yeah, you.  Change, that is.

Here's the thing about change.  It happens whether you're looking for it or not.  Most people I know feel very strongly about it, one way or the other.  They either HATE it, or embrace it fully.  Funny thing though, even the ones who hate it, the folks who fight it all the way (you know who you are), realize (once they're through it) that it's not such a bad thing, after all.  Good things can come from change.

Take my brother, for example, the die-hard PC guy.  He scoffed at my Apple loving until one day, out of the blue, he was given a MacBook Air to use for work.  Now? He's got an iPhone 5 and an iPad mini.  Yeah, he changed.  And he loves it!

Or my mom, who finally - FINALLY - got herself wireless internet service (yeah, I know...) and can not fathom how she lived without it (or that MacBook Air she inherited from the aforementioned brother).

I've watched several friends go through tough times over the past few years, not wanting to deal with the change that fate was handing them.  And now they can't imagine life any other way.  They're actually grateful for the changes.

I am an embracer of change.  There are things that I'm tied to - my workouts for example - but I also am always open to trying new things.  It's not so much that I must have boot camp, I just must have exercise, I must stay fit and feel healthy and strong.  Any way I can make that happen makes me happy (okay, so Shark Fitness boot camp is still my favorite, sue me).

This year, I'm embracing more change.  I'm working on a revamp of my freelance business... a new name, new logo and (finally) a website ( to showcase my work.  I'm also working on a few feature articles for larger market magazines.

The excitement of what's around the next bend keeps me going.  Kids seem to embrace change more easily than adults.  But maybe that's because they are constantly changing - it's part of their growth.

To wit: The other night, I opened up my middle son's backpack and found a mess.  About twenty crumpled sheets of looseleaf were stuffed inside, around folders with dog-earred corners, empty candy wrappers, broken pencils, and pens with the caps missing.  I smoothed out each page and had him go through them with me to make sure he didn't still need any of them for school.  I guarantee there were a few missing assignments in there (like that homework page he swore the teacher never gave him).

Last night, my oldest was pulling out a folder from his backpack to work on some homework.  I couldn't help but notice all the looseleaf pages inside were perfectly straight and organized.  I looked at him and said, "Remember a few years ago, when you were in 7th grade? Your backpack looked exactly like your brother's."  He just smiled.  See? There's hope for Jack yet!

Change is good.  Stepping out of your comfort zone is good, too, as it invites change.  The aforementioned lovable, yet disorganized Jack put a band together a few weeks ago to try out for his school's talent show.  Four 13 year-old boys played "Dream On" for four judges.  Thirty three acts tried out.  His was one of the 15 that made it.  I'm so proud of his fearlessness, his desire to try new things.

I took a page from his book, and sent in my first fiction story to a short story competition.  It may get cut in the first round, but at least I gave it a shot.  It felt good to stretch my creative muscles and try something different.  You never know what doors will open when you give yourself over to change.

Like Sam Cooke sang so beautifully, A Change is Gonna Come.  I can feel it in the brisk, cold air, the blustery wind.  It's invigorating.

 What about you? Are you adverse to change? Or do you embrace it?


  1. Life is never fixed and is always in flux, so yeah, change happens. Good luck to you branching out.

  2. I never liked change....but, life intervened. Change just happened and I could decide to go with it or curl up and mold. I decided that going with it would be the best move for me (green is not my best color!). It wasn't always easy, but, in retrospect, it was always good for me, challenging and fun. Many places I would never have gone to, many people I would never have met, many experiences I would never have had...I am thankful for all. I am so proud that you are embracing the changes in your life...only good will come of them:)

  3. Woot woot (as Lynn would say) for getting out of your box and sending in a piece of fiction.(We missed you last night.)

    I don't mind change, and since I am usually the cause of things changing at my house, I guess I gotta embrace it.

  4. Change is great. There's always more good things around the corner. Love your new website. Nice.

  5. Great post. I am one of those resisters-of-change who later realizes it was for the best. Beautiful website!

  6. Thanks for the comments! The website is just a placeholder until my designer revamps my logo and biz cards, then I'll be updating the design and adding work, etc. MIssed my WWWPs last week!

  7. To watch my children adapt to change is wonderful and innocent. I embrace these changes because they are with actions and not just words. I feel that is the biggest difference between children and adults. The children change without a hidden agenda, while adults have to constantly remind people of their changes in words instead of showing people with their actions. The more adults talk about how they want to change, but there is little to no action involved, I know that it is not time yet or they are saying things to satisfy their friends. Change has to be within you for you to be successful.