Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Tell You're a Shark

It's that time of year again.  The gyms are overflowing with resolution-makers clad in matching outfits with cute logos, perfect ponytails and just the right touch of lipstick and mascara.  They're simultaneously jogging on the treadmill while they watch tv, read a magazine and carry on a conversation with their friend on the next machine without breaking stride.  Some work out.  Ever told your kids that they'll get out of school what they put into it? The same rule applies to your exercise.  

I've been attending Shark Fitness Boot Camp for four years now.  And in honor of the NEW YEAR and the beginning of my 5th year as a Shark, I thought I'd share the 

Top 10 Ways to Tell You're A Shark:

10. You can't wait to begin class because it's too damn cold to stand around any longer.
9. You park in the first available parking space, rather than wait for the ones closest to the door.
8. You no longer drink Margaritas.  Not even on Cinco de Mayo (thanks Keath).
7. At the end of every workout your shirt is drenched and you're exhausted.  And happy.
6. You've heard Beth say a few, choice 4-letter words.
5. You know bananas taste the same coming up.
4. You've heard George say "Best. Set. of Pushups. Ever!"
3. You know the value of being on time.  
2. You know what a 6 year old order of french fries looks like (no different than a 6-second old order of french fries).
And #1. You've invited all your friends and family members to attend a class because "It's so much fun!"

Maybe you can tell that I've been missing my boot camp - and can't WAIT until 0600 on Thursday to get started again! It is my exercise, my stress relief, my "me" time.  I couldn't be more proud to be part of such a fantastic group of people.  We're strong, inside and out.  We never quit.  We have an amazing work ethic that carries over into our personal and professional lives.  And we know what it means to give 100%.  
If any of this sounds intriguing to you, check it out.  I promise that not only will it be worth your while, it may very well change your life.

Happy New Year!  


  1. # 8 has me intrigued. Is that because margaritas are #1, calorie-wise?

    I'll be thinking of you on Thursday morning.

    If you are a shark, I am a...manatee?

    1. Sioux... haha, yes - margaritas are VERY high in calories! Don't think of *me*... think of YOU and join me! : )

  2. I admire this because I used to be a shark-type. Really! Now I'm more of a flounder. But I want to hear the story of the 6 year old french fries.

    1. Once a shark always a shark Tammy! You should definitely join me this session - i'm sure your mind and body will remember within a few minutes of the first class! I'll tell you about the fries next Wednesday. Until then... don't eat any (trust me on this)!