Sunday, February 14, 2010

Groundhog, Schmoundog

I'm seriously considering a boycott of winter. I'm tired of big, bulky sweaters, strangling turtlenecks, thick socks - and worst of all, skin as dry as the logs crackling in the fireplace.

I'm a Marketing Agency Account Manager by trade. In my industry, it used to be that we would bring the consumers to the products. With the advent of "experiential marketing" and all of its related forms, the trend became bringing the product to the consumers. So, I've decided to take that approach with Spring. Obviously, warmer weather is not coming to us, so... let's bring ourselves to Spring.

After two cups of steaming hot coffee to get me warmed up, I marched up to my bedroom and threw open the closet doors. Groundhog be damned! I Moved the wool sweater to the top shelf, folded the turtlenecks and tucked them in the corner, slid my boots to the back of the closet.

Hello my old friend, peep-toe heels! Oh, I remember that darling little short sleeve number I bought last June. And the t-shirts! I love my t-shirts! I reorganized, resorted and made a pile of winter clothes I hadn't worn all season to take to the second-hand store. Maybe I'd trade them in for a summery top or skirt.

Then I looked out the window. Snow. I suppose it is still February. I threw on my jeans and furry boots and drove to the second-hand store.


  1. I am right there in your closet. This is the longest winter of my life. By now we should have had at least a fifty degree day, but noooo! I think we all have cabin fever. Just wait until the first warm day; people will breaking out their skimpies and flip-flops no matter what month it happens. Have a good week.

  2. Hi Beth -- I hear your voice in every word! Funny and true. I'm sick of winter and I was lucky to escape to Thailand for two weeks. But maybe that just makes it worse. My cabin fever has now escalated into a ranch-home-with-a-great-room fever. God knows I can't take it much longer. -- Anyone for tropical drinks with a hula girl swizzle stick?