Thursday, February 25, 2010

I want SPRING (or do I?)!

We’re all sick and tired of winter. Of bitter cold, dry, cracking skin, chapped lips and dirty snow. Everyone’s talking about Spring: “can’t wait for Spring,” “Hurry up Spring,” “When the HELL is Spring going to get here?”…

Here’s the good news and the bad news: Spring, my friends, is just around the corner. “Ah, Thank Goodness!” you say. You picture blooming shoots of color, calm breezes, tree limbs stretched out with tiny fingers of green. Remember, though, that the old adage holds true: “In like a lion, out like a lamb.”

By mid-April, we’ll all by moaning and groaning about wicked spring storms, flash floods, wet grass that is beginning to grow, and needing to be cut. Oh, and don’t forget that fine film of cesspool-green on every window and piece of outdoor patio furniture that will have your eyes watering and your nose running just like it’s doing right now. THEN we’ll be lamenting the itchy, wet spring and begging for Summer!

Oh, sweet summer, with your ripe, fresh fruit, fat rays of sunshine, and leafy trees. Walks in the park, baseball games, cool nights on the patio with white wine spritzers. All fine and good, until that St. Louis heat becomes absolutely oppressive, the grass and hedges need constant trimming, the air conditioner just can’t keep up with Mother Nature, and beads of sweat roll down the sides of your face on your way to the mailbox. “Oh,” you’ll cry, “C’mon Fall! I’m tired of this misery!”

And Fall will come, with all of it’s glorious colors like a brand new 64-pack of Crayola’s, and with it, cooler temps, comfortable nights, oh, and more sneezing and coughing as the leaves turn and fall. Your back will cry out for an end to that season as well, while you’re racking up pile after pile of leaves.

“Where is winter, already?” you’ll ask. Well, take a look, my friends, it’s right here!

Enjoy every day, every season, everything Mother Nature throws at you, because believe it or not, it won’t last forever!

(Author’s note: I want Spring badly, and I promise not to complain when my allergies flare, or the grass needs cutting. I promise! I just needed something to write about…)

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