Monday, February 8, 2010

Unfortunately...and perfect timing

I have had it with emails, texts, phone calls, conversations that begin with "unfortunately" - this is never a good way to start. Geez, don't these people know how to "sandwich" the bad news? You know, all those Creative Writing courses in college, critique groups, heck even grade school teachers knew enough to teach this one; nice comment, bad news, nice comment. I did get one of these emails, but somehow, the word unfortunately (sandwiched as it was) still stung.

After a night of tossing and turning and worrying about bills, work, house repairs, funny car noises, big decisions for my daughter, and how to help my boys through each of their current struggles, I was driving through the sloshy wet snow to drop my four year-old off at school this morning. I was angry with drivers who refused to use turn signals, annoyed with gawkers who insisted on slowing down to get a closer look at a stalled car and just plain frustrated with all the "unfortunately's I've received lately. As I was driving, my daughter said to me from the back seat, "Mama, guess what I'm thinking?" Not in the mood for the game, I said "I don't know, honey. What?"
"I'm thinking about how much I love you. Is that what you're thinking, too?"
"Absolutely, baby. Absolutely."


  1. How I can relate to this, "unfortunately". And I do believe that although the words came through Ella's mouth, they came from the angels. Hope things get better.

  2. What a wonderful way to look at that - thanks Linda ; )