Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This week has not gotten off to the best start. Monday morning, we had a client coming into the office, so naturally, we were all looking our professional best and the office was sparkling clean. I thought it would be nice to start a pot of coffee, so with high spirits I grabbed a filter from the cabinet, counted out 12 scoops of coffee grounds, slid the filter into the coffee maker, turned on the burner, pressed the start button and walked back to my office, heels clicking, to check my emails and start my work day.

Five minutes later, a heard a cry of surprise, followed by a groan. I jumped out of my seat, and before I even made it down the hallway, I realized what I'd done. "Oh my God! I forgot the coffee pot!" Hot coffee was everywhere. Dripping down the sides of the wire shelving, running down the sides of the microwave, and pooled all over the kitchen floor. Three of us tiptoed around the mess, wiping and mopping, trying not to ruin our clothing, and make the kitchen presentable for the client who was on his way.

"Boy, when you do it, you do it all the way, huh?" a coworker joked. Apparently so.

I'm grateful for the Tide Pen that magically erased the coffee stains on the shoulder of my boss's dress shirt.

Tuesday I overslept, got to work with one minute to spare, and waited patiently for someone else to make the coffee.

Here's hoping Wednesday is disaster free!


  1. Haven't you heard, the third time's a charm ... it's the same with third day of the work week. Wishing you a fun, fine day; it can only get better.

  2. Keep smiling, sistah! Congrats on your new blog, and your new motivation. This is your year.